Cody bruser

About Me

I am a husband, father, and a technology enthusiast. I am currently working at a IT Helpdesk Technician position looking to further my career. I am studying for a couple certifications to make that leap forward. When I am not focusing on work or studying I use up all my free time cooking, flying/building drones, playing sports, woodworking and gaming.


Learn more about me and what I am up to. 

Cooking is something I did out of necessity that turned into a passion of mine. I enjoy trying new recipes and perfecting the ones I already love.

FPV Drones has become one of my newest hobbies. I am infatuated with the fully custom nature of drones. I have built quite a few drones and plan to capture my flights in the future.

I enjoy sitting down and playing video games or talking with my friends in Discord. But only when I get free time in the afternoons or weekends. 

Contact Me

Have any questions? I am always open to talk about new job opportunities, new projects or creative opportunities. Let’s chat on how I can be apart of them for you.